Our Mission
  Mission Statement

It is the mission of everyone here at Whitethorne to provide an environment in which every one of our clients can expect and receive every consideration. We are dedicated to provide our clients horses with the highest possible standard of care and attention, and to provide facilities, arenas, footing, bedding, feed, cleaning and grooming of the highest possible standard. We and our employees love horses and will provide them with every possible attention to their needs and their well being.

It is our declared intention to assist in every way possible all of our clients to achieve the individual goals which they set for themselves and their horses.

We will try in every way to assist our clients and we will try as far as possible to meet their expectations for themselves and their horses, and our attention will be given irrespective of the individual level of achievement of the client or their horse.

We at Whitethorne will strive to provide a happy and satisfying environment for our clients, their horses, our employees and our associates. We also ask our clients to bear in mind that a successful barn is one in which everyone is treated with kindness and respect. This atmosphere is essential to the happiness and well being of all the animals who live here.


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